Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Poetic Reflection on The New Year by Sharon L DuBois

Happy New Year 2013!

How many times has one year flown by, without my humble, wide-eyed
Amazement at the awesome wonders and blessings contained within?  Is it
Possible that I have forgotten about the seemingly small, occasionally overlooked, daily miracles??
Peeking a blind eye around a blind corner to the approaching tomorrow, neglecting the precious gift of all
Yesterdays.  Reminder to self:  Express genuine thankfulness for my family, friends, my job, which provides harvest-yielding seed, & All Praises to My Heavenly Father, whose Grace abounds brand spankin’

New every morning, as evidenced by my health, life and strength.  With each drop of rain, and rising of the sun, I am made aware of the
Ever-present opportunity to do a “new thing”, a “new way”, with a “renewed mind”!!  No logical reason to
Whine or complain about difficulties along the journey, “JUST DO IT!!”  The sum total of each and every one of my

Yesterdays equals who I am today, and a new year sings of joyful additions to that
Equation.  Dear one, my wish for you, is not just a Happy New Year, but
An  amazing, awe-inspiring, ambidextrous (yep, blessings filling BOTH hands!) LIFE!!!      ALWAYS:
Remember how much I admire, cherish and love you!!! 

                                                                                  HAPPY FOREVER ! ! !