Monday, March 28, 2011

KU Jayhawk fans react to upset

WICHITA, Kansas- At Heroe's Sports Bar in Old Town Wichita, it was a bitter image of irony for the Jayhawk nation. 

KU fans were sitting somber in front of a ten-foot, neon sign that spelled ‘victory;’ the expected outcome for Sunday’s match up.

The die-hard KU fans expected to enjoy a Sunday afternoon romp for the Jayhawks. The No.1 seed had only Virginia Commonwealth to beat, an 11th seed, relatively unknown team, to make it to the final four.

But by halftime, KU was down by 14. It was unusual, but nothing to worry about, so fans thought.

“I think they'll come out the second half fired up. I think Bill will give them a good pep talk and I think they'll turn it around,” predicted fan, Ryan Julius.

But shot after shot went bad, as the final minutes turned into final seconds, and hope turned into despair.

“Terrible. I thought it was...the boys came out flat and they just never picked it up,” said fan, Scott Andrews.

Those who, an hour ago, were eager to proclaim their KU pride, suddenly only wanted out of the restaurant.

Bartender, Jamaal Jones, relaying their emotion, “A lot of curse words… everybody thought VCU would be a cakewalk.”

Reported by: Brooke Martin - KSN News