Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cassette Mate Converts Useless Mix Tapes Into Useful MP3s

Got some old cassette tapes lying around? I thought not. But keep reading anyway, as Thanko’s Cassette Mate is quite a curiosity, in a retro-useless kind of way.

Looking like a Walkman that has been left on a beach and polished to a pebble-shape by the merciless attrition of sea and sand, the Cassette Mate is barely bigger than the tapes you will slot into it. Once inside, you can play them back (two AA batteries required) or hook the machine up to a PC via USB and convert those old mix tapes to MP3, WAV or WMA files.

Some clunky-looking Windows software is included, and it will automatically split tracks for you if you like. And as it only costs ¥2,980 ($34), then it might just be worth it for converting your old tapes before it really is too late. I was given a mix tape a month or two back. I have no idea what’s on it, and never will, as I don’t have a tape player any more. In fact, I suspect my friend gave it to me as a sick joke. Well, Jimmy, the joke’s on you, buddy. I tossed the tape out already, and I’m using the hinged case as an iPod stand. Sucka!

Cassette Mate product page [Thanko via über Gizmo]

By Charlie Sorrel Wired - Gadget Lab