Friday, May 20, 2011

Amazon Will Give You Cash For You Old Gadgets

If you upgrade your electronics every couple years, you've probably got a drawer full of clunky, outdated gizmos that are still in working order.
Amazon wants your retired tech, be it "Like New," "Good" or "Acceptable" condition. They'll let you ship it for free, and they'll even pay you for it.
The online retailer's trade-in store is now accepting consumer electronics in exchange for gift cards, which are applied directly to your Amazon account for future online purchases.
The store accepts digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS units, cellphones, graphing calculators, tablets and more. Though, as noted by PCMag, eReaders are not part of the program--not even Amazon's Kindle reader.
If your old gadgets match Amazon's specifications, you could be eligible for a decent chunk of money--definitely better than what you'd get for letting the items collect dust. For example, turning in a fourth-gen Apple iPod touch (32 GB) will earn you up to $152. Not too shabby.
Visit Amazon's trade-in store and browse the catalog of acceptable devices to see if your cast-off tech items meet the requirements.

The Huffington Post  Catharine Smith