Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ellen DeGeneres on 'Bridesmaids' and Women in Comedy (VIDEO)

If you're looking for an amazingly good time this summer that'll have you dancing up the aisles and laughing like you've never laughed before, I have one word for you: Tequila. Or you can go see, 'Bridesmaids.'

I loved it. There are so many hilarious moments in it, like when Kristen Wiig is on the plane. I don't know how any of the actors were able to keep a straight face.

Everyone in this film was fantastic. I loved Chris O'Dowd as the police officer. Maya Rudolph was on my show and called him a "hunky Irish morsel," and I agree. She also thought I should be in the sequel, so clearly she's smart and her opinion is to be valued. 

Some people are saying that this film proves that women are funny. Finally! I had been wondering about that for years.

Of course women are funny. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman -- funny is funny. When I saw this movie, I looked around the theater and there were men and women all having a good time. There were couples and people dressed up like crazy bridesmaids. There was even a man wearing nothing but kitchen utensils. Looking back, I may have been at a Lady Gaga concert.

Point is, I loved this movie and so will you. I'm very much looking forward to being in the sequel.

By Ellen DeGeneres