Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ok, I'm seeing Prince tonight !

Prince has a few more shows in his 21-night Los Angeles run,
After successful residencies in the New York area in December and January, Prince is finally setting up an extended stay in Los Angeles -- and attempting to upstage Coachella in the process.
The singer dialed into “Lopez Tonight,” of all places, Thursday night to announce he would be kicking off a 21-night run at the Forum.
[Updated 1:10 p.m.: Word from Prince's camp is that not all the shows will necessarily be at the Forum; a press release is due out shortly detailing ticketing information and venue locations for the first six appearances. We have adjusted the headline to reflect this information.] 
The stint will begin April 14 with backing band the New Power Generation and “a whole gang of special guests,” he teased. He said he needs somewhere to rehearse and asked the host if he could come to the show in person on Wednesday, which Lopez graciously agreed to.
“Whatever you do, just let us bring the purple,” the singer warned. "Everybody’s always overdoing that purple lights and whatnot, you know what I mean?”