Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photoshopped Amputation In Anti-Soda PSA Upsets Big Soda

It has been revealed that the New York City Health Department photoshopped an overweight man's leg out of an ad tying larger portion sizes to Type 2 diabetes and limb amputations.
 We received a noble press release from the good folks at the American Beverage Association blasting the lying liars at the DOH: “This is another example of the ‘What can we get away with?’ approach that shapes these taxpayer-funded ad campaign." Or is it a reasonable tactic against the larded Leviathans and their relentless lobbyists?

 We hate Nanny State overreach as much as any redblooded, park-smoking New Yorker. But remember who the DOH is fighting against for ad space in our brains. McDonald's has LeBron, Pepsi has David Beckham, and we get upset if the city gets an intern to use Photoshop? Image altering is bad, but blatant sexism is savvy!

There are literally armies of scientists with unlimited budgets who are coming up with chemicals and additives to make us hopelessly addicted to consumable matter that may or may not be classified as food. And we're supposed to be upset that New York City's department of health may have used a photo illustration to prove the point that drinking lots of soda may cause Type 2 diabetes which causes some patients to have their limbs amputated? BUT THE PHOTO ISN'T REAL!!!1!!!!!1!

What is real is the $13 million the American Beverage Association spent lobbying Albany in 2010, and the $211 million it spent nationwide to make sure that we continue nursing the corny teat until nobody can see their genitals or tie their shoes in 20 years. The DOH's budget? That got cut [pdf]. Fight flame-broiled Fire with Fudged Fire, and so it goes. Health Department spokesman John Kelly responds to the "controversy," in the Times: “We might stop using actors in our ads if the food industry stops using actors in theirs.” Amen. Next time, maybe use a photo of a can of Fanta abducting a child on a subway platform and unplugging respirators.