Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HTC EVO 4G LTE Delivery Date for Pre Orders

Quick logistics primer for the pre-order crowd: Disclaimer: I do not work in Sprint's distribution facility. However, I did consult for the distributor responsible for the last release of a "fruity" phone throughout the US. Most work the same way.

1) Somewhere in a warehouse close to the UPS hub in KY is a warehouse with pallets of EVO LTEs. They've probably been there for a week or so.

2) At a pre-determined point in time, Sprint sends the warehouse all the pre-ordered and store allocation shipping labels. My guess is that's happening right now or, at latest, Wednesday at noon.

3) For the next several hours, warehouse workers are frantically breaking down pallets, slapping shipping labels on the individual phones, sorting them by destination, re-palletizing them, and loading them on pre-positioned UPS trailers.

4) Sometime before midnight tonight, UPS will pick up their trailers from the warehouse and bring them back to their hub.

5) The hub will futher break down the sorted pallets and place them on the appropriate airplane / truck depending on distance from the hub.

6) Shipping status will change and tracking numbers should be loaded onto your account.

7) Phones will start showing up mid-afternoon the next day at some locations and no later than Friday for most others.

At that point, the decent thing to do would be to post back in this thread to share a laugh at your communal panic :)

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