So why'd an ex-surgeon strip down and sit in a wheelchair with a poodle while going through the Oklahoma City Airport security line Nov. 30, 2010 ???

Almost Naked Dr. Tammy
Thursday 12-02-2010 10:49pm PT

Some things you just can't explain.  Some things you just don't want to explain.  Tammy Banovac is sort of in the middle.

Banovac used to be a doctor.  Well, I guess she's a doctor -a dental surgeon- who used to practice in Arizona until she reportedly lost her license following the death of a 7 year old patient three hours after she removed 9 of his teeth.  This happened in the early 90s.

Also in the 90s, April 1997 to be exact, Banovac posed for Playboy when they featured women in the dental profession.  She was 39 then. 

She was 52 when she arrived at the Oklahoma City Airport on Wednesday in a wheelchair dressed in her bra and panties while wearing her dog. This was her second pass through the airport.  The first time the TSA found traces of nitrates on her possessions and wouldn't let her on the plane.

So why'd she strip?  Banovac says it makes it easier on her and the TSA because the parts of her body the TSA would want to hand-search are visible when she wears only underwear.

She made it through this time.  Maybe she'll do something about those roots.

Chris Little-KFI News Director

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