Could the U.S. shut down the internet? It seemed so easy for Egypt.

Could the U.S. government shut down American internet connections? And is it possible for the global internet to be toppled?

Technically, yes, internet experts said But it's highly unlikely. "Could you break the internet? Yeah. Can you shut it down? No. Shutting down the entire internet would be pretty much impossible at this point," said Jim Cowie, co-founder of Renesys, an worldwide internet tracker. Cowie spoke of the internet as if it were a giant, adaptable worm.

"The funny thing about the internet is even if you break it in half, the two halves will function as [separate] internets," he said.

Hn. "There's not an on-off switch," Faris said. "What it is, it's a list of IP addresses that route information between nodes on the internet.You would have to change all the software and the list in there to something called null routing. So all the traffic going in and out was essentially thrown away."

By John D. Sutter, CNN

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