'A Slow Drag With Josephine' Elvis Costello (AOL Live Sessions) Video

In his more than 30 years as a musicmaker, Elvis Costello has garnered a well-earned reputation as a singular auteur who follows his own path. Considering the number of musicians and songwriters he's collaborated with in that span, eclecticism should come as no surprise. 

Take, for example, his current long-player, 'National Ransom,' on which he not only has recorded with his current combo, the Imposters (featuring members of his longtime backing band, the Attractions) as well as the crack combo of Nashville players known as the Sugarcanes, with whom he delivers this Sessions set, including a down-home rearrangement of his hit 'Everyday I write the Book.'

Costello's long-held affinity for Americana should come as little surprise, as the man born Declan MacManus in England more than a half-century ago is currently residing in Western Canada with his wife, jazz singer-pianist Diana Krall, and hasn't lived in the UK in ages. To accompany this dynamic performance, he shares his thoughts about his prolific tendencies as a recording artist, how he still can't believe he's been able to collaborate with some of his childhood musical idols, and the power and privilege he's had in hosting his own TV talk show.

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