What are Brits giving up for Lent? #Sex, #Smoking or Social networking

Sex, smoking, chocolate and social networking are amongst the most popular vices Christian residents of the UK will be abstaining from during the traditional period of restraint known as Lent, according to a new survey.
Lent is linked to the Christian celebration of Easter and is traditionally seen as a time of abstinence and sacrifice. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (March 9) for a duration of six weeks; in more recent years the period has been used as an occasion to give up certain, generally unhealthy, habits or foods.

A survey of 1000 UK residents conducted on behalf of Eisberg alcohol-free wine in March of this year found that the most popular things or activities to abstain from were:

Chocolate 44%

Alcohol 20%

Sugar 12%

Swearing 11% 

Caffeine 8%

Sex 5%

Gaming 4%

Social networks 3%

TV 2% 

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