Conan Presents The Sarah Palin History Channel (VIDEO)

Poor Sarah Palin. Even when embarking on a vaguely-defined bus tour, the darn media insists on asking her "gotcha" questions. The latest: "What did Paul Revere do?" Just despicable. Palin's answer, while not actually historically accurate (despite her supporters' best efforts to change Revere's Wikipedia entry to reflect her answer), felt like it could have been right answer based on her vision of what American history should be.
Which is why we're glad that Conan introduced the "Sarah Palin History Channel" on Tuesday's episode for a reenactment of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, disregarding the facts and heightening the guns and folksy platitudes that feel like the right version of history. Without the pesky liberal media and smarty-pants textbooks, maybe Americans will finally see our country's history for what it is: a hodgepodge of historical figures with awesome guns.

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