T-Mobile / Google / Galaxy Nexus Launch Party

Could T-Mobile actually announce their version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus this week?

Many industry insiders have speculated that Verizon might have some kind of limited exclusive deal in the United States, but there has been confusion on exactly when the Galaxy Nexus will launch in the states. Verizon initially advertised the Galaxy Nexus as “exclusively from Verizon” but later removed that tag.

Today we were informed that T-Mobile is holding their own media event on the night of November 16, so the press can “experience the world of T-Mobile & Google.” We already know November 16th is the same day Google is expected to announce music purchases in the Android Market, but Google’s event is at 2:00 PM and T-Mobile’s will start at 9:00 PM. T-Mobile will definitely be celebrating the launch of music purchases with special appearances from Drake, Maroon 5, Busta Rhymes, Dirty South and R3hab, but they could also be announcing a big device launch. That might sound like a stretch, but T-Mobile was the launch partner of the Nexus One and also supported the Nexus S.

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