Amazing Love By Phil R. Perry -Composer, Psalmist, Music Minister

Who is Phil R. Perry? Phil is an artist , composer, psalmist, music minister, producer, music school owner. Phil has been playing since he was 14.

His influences include: Andre Crouch, The Hawkins Brothers, Twinkie Clark, James Cleveland, Bob James, Jeremy Camp, Bill Gaither and most of all his mother, the late Mrs. Bertha Louise Perry.

Phil has had many of his compositions recorded by Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Love Fellowship Conference.

Phil has 3 Cd's

'You Can Have It" recorded with ' Called Out"

"Fix it Jesus"

"Follow You"

All of these titles are available on CDBABY, iTunes, Rhapsody and many other music sights. You can follow him on SonicBids.

Phil's style is all his own. Very soulful and inspiring. On every cd there is comething for everyone's taste. From Traditional, Gospel Contemporary, Urban, Worship.

Phil has travelled to Japan to perform and has been well recieved. His followers in Japan are always in his prayers. The effects from the tsunami are still being felt.

In February 2010 Phil recieved the Male Vocalist and Producer of the year awards at the 4th Annual Alabama People Choice Awards.

March 2011 Phil performed on " The Bobby Jones Show " on the Word Network.

Phil firmly believes that all the accolades and awards were achieved by the Grace and Favor of the Lord Jesus Christ!

2012 is set to be an overflow of God's goodness. Keep your eyes and ears open for this up-and-coming gospel artist!

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Credits: YouTube user " 555Light " for producing this video Mash-Up 
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Credits: YouTube user " PeculiarEagle" Set visuals to the famous sermon " Seven Way King " (aka That's My King), as spoken by Dr. S.M. Lockridge, along with footage from the movie " The Passion of the Christ" 

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