Dan Osborne reveals the REAL reason Rodrigo Alves was kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother and admits he ‘did something inappropriate’ towards him


DAN Osborne has revealed the real reason why Rodrigo Alves got booted off Celebrity Big Brother – confirming the Human Ken Doll "did something" and acted “inappropriately” to him.

Just one week into this year’s incredibly controversial series, the plastic surgery addict was suddenly removed from the house, but fans of the show were left completely in the dark as to what really happened. Channel Five said there had been an 'incident', but refused to elaborate any further.
Now the former Towie star, who came third on the show, has bravely spoken out about the incident, admitting he was left feeling “uncomfortable” and really didn’t “appreciate” what Rodrigo did one night in the house.

Speaking for the first time since he left the house to The Sun Online, Dan, 27, tells us:  “There was an incident in the house, it was just something inappropriate, I didn’t appreciate it.”
However, the dad-of-three is reluctant to elaborate much more, admitting he knows what it is like to become a hate figure after he hit headlines in the past over his behavior.
Dan was left disgraced in 2016 when The Sun revealed horrifying recordings of him threatening the mother of his son Teddy, Megan Tomlin, in a vile four-letter rant.

Rodrigo Alves was booted out of the house suddenly

Dan said he was left feeling “uncomfortable” in the CBB house because of RodrigDan Osborne comes in third place on Celebrity Big Brother

In the recording, he threatened to "stick a knife" into his ex if she had sex with another man and branded her "his property".
The reality star – who lost his job in Towie over it – later apologized and addressed it during his time in the CBB house.
But, despite the incident with Rodrigo being serious enough for the Brazilian to be removed by Channel Five, Dan says:  “I don’t really want to talk about it. I’ve had stories told about me, so I know it’s not nice. I don’t want to do that to anyone else.
“It wasn’t scary for me just uncomfortable.”

www.thesun.co.uk -September 11th, 2018

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