Last Call at L.A. Bars Could Be Extended to 4 A.M. Under Bill Passed by California Lawmakers

California lawmakers are fighting for your right to party.

Legislators signed off Thursday on a plan to allow Los Angeles, San Francisco, and seven other cities to extend alcohol service at bars and restaurants from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m.
Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), the author of Senate Bill 905, said the bill gives willing cities a chance to better shape their nightlife.

The Legislature just gave final approval to our bill allowing cities to extend last call to 4 a.m. The bill now heads to the Governor. We will make the case to the Governor that cities should be able to decide for themselves what kind of nightlife makes sense.
If Gov. Jerry Brown signs the legislation, local governments in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, West Hollywood, Long Beach, Palm Springs, Sacramento, Coachella and Cathedral City can decide to allow restaurants and bars within their cities to serve alcohol until 4 a.m. with the approval of the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The bill would be a pilot program in those cities for five years beginning in 2021.
Wiener and other supporters of the bill contended that the later hours would allow California to compete with other cities and states that serve alcohol into the early hours of the morning.

By Liam Dillon

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